Marathon on the day of the Revolution


The Lebanese alternative music scene has always been radiant in the cultural map of the arab world. Protagonists Irtijal, now the oldest music festival in Beirut city, was created with the intent of promoting and assisting contemporary and experimental practices in music.

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Following their paths, numerous incredible musicians, studios, radios and venues all around the city raised and started precious initiatives to preserve and make the scene evolve, especially during the last years with a strong and bounded wave of newcomers in the post-electronic/ grime/ rap fields. The emergency is now to preserve the inestimable scene that we are deeply connected with. The purpose of the event is to enlighten the actors of that scene, who are standing strong and ready to showcase their most amazing talents this Saturday.

Morphine stands more than ever by their side, and will raise some funds via PayPal meant to be distributed among the most affected and deprived ones, with the help of Tunefork and Irtijal, as well as finding with them new sustainable solutions for the future to keep this scene alive, and not cut musicians, collectives and venues from their creative process.

Additionally, by purchasing one of these packs you can support the fundraise and get some exclusive packages offered by us and our partners.

Packs will ship Mid-November,
subject to limited availability and variations.

A brave effort by: CTM Festival, Irtijal Festival, Ruptured, Streamback, Frequent Defect, Unsound Festival, The Ballroom Blitz, Lorenzo Mason Studio, Morphine Records.