Natura Morta

Th 23.02.23, 20:00
10 Euro donation at door.

Morphine Raum
Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin
Hinterhof 1.Etage

NATURA MORTA Is the solo project of Colombian songwriter, performer and illustrator María Mallol Moya (LAME, Gianni Giublena Rosacroce, Space Aliens from Outerspace, Rhabdomatic Orchestra, Talky Nerds, Marta Rivera).

Her first debut on Hyle Tapes with “No wine, no life, no bread” on 2017 was a step out into the world of a very intimate and oneiric landscape of sound; infinite reverbs, gloomy voices that overlap in a phantomy harmony, flamenco like organs and acoustic guitars, Amazonas forest field recordings collected on her several trips into the vast greens of Colombia, influences that go from groups such as Księżyc and Cocteau Twins, never forgetting the roots of flamenco or pacific Colombian cumbia, and the fierce flag of voice as the most magical instrument of human evolution; A combination that makes an unusual, jet comfy and warm field to get lost into Sound.

Their debut album “Diotima” On Chierichetti Records is a compilation of songs written on the last 10 years that makes a clear diary of the evolution of, an intimate and profound reflection that shows both the several musical paths and the very personal ways of producing and composing sound and music.
Out December 2021, against all apocalypse. Another moment we wold like to call to attention is her Collaboration with Purgexxx on the tribute to the works of the late CARLES SANTOS. Acció Santos was a performance formed specially for this one-off event organised by TOM WHEATLEY and WINSTANLEY SCHTINTER on the occassion of PERE PORTABELLA’s London film survey and recorded at the temple CAFFE OTO in London in 2019, lately published by PURGEXXX the 13th of august 2020.
Other releases like Golden Dolphin, a compilation made by Turin based artist with the label Delete Recordings and her participation on the Charli Garcia Tribute for the Colombian Label IN-Correcto are some of the various aspects of the musical exploration of Natura Morta.

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