Andrea Parkins & Matthew Ostrowski with Liz Allbee
Thursday, 26.10.23, door 20:00
  • 20:30 Andrea Parkins & Matthew Ostrowski
  • 21:15 Andrea Parkins & Matthew Ostrowski with Liz Allbee

10 Euro At The Door

Morphine Raum,
Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin
Hinterhof 1. Etage

Separated by an ocean and a pandemic for three years, Parkins and Ostrowski are reuniting this autumn for a series of European concerts, as well as the recording of their second album, to be released in 2024. For their 2nd set at Morphine Raum, they are delighted to be joined by Liz Allbee (trumpet, electronics) to perform with them as a trio.

Andrea Parkins & Matthew Ostrowski have been working together in the contexts of live performance and intermedia installation for more than two decades. Their shared exploration of physical and musical gesture, densely interwoven meshes of events, and the aesthetics of interruption and breakage creates the groundwork for their projects. Incorporating concrete sounds, synthesis techniques, live processing, and instrumental and acoustic feedback, their work is in a constant state of molecular combination and recombination, and of forms in states of development, flux, and collapse.

Andrea Parkins (accordion, amplified objects, electronics) is a Berlin-based sound artist, composer, and electroacoustic improviser who engages interactively with electronics as both material and process. Working with an array of sonic elements – amplified objects and drawing tools, electronic feedback, custom-built software, and electronic and acoustic instruments – her projects explore connections and slippages between the body, materiality, sound, site, and space.

A New York City native, Matthew Ostrowski (electronics) is a composer, performer, and installation artist, working with custom-made software and cutting-edge gestural controllers, exploring the the liminal space between the virtual and phenomenological worlds.

Liz Allbee (trumpet, electronics) is an improviser and composer-performer residing in Berlin. She performs most often on trumpet, self-designed quadraphonic trumpet, electronics, and voice. Her work encompasses electro-acoustic composition, spatialization, improvisational strategies and instrument creation, often focusing on issues of embodiment and extension.

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