Upperground Orchestra
The Eupen Takes ‎

“The formidable Lebanese / Italian jazz nomads release a long player of deepness on Morphine’s new live series” Ltd Edition of 400. The LP is packaged in a silk screened outersleeve with artwork from Bill Kouligas (Pan Records, Berlin).
First long player from Upperground Orchestra initiates the new ‘live series’ of morphine records. ‘the eupen takes’ is a live document clearly showing what the collective is normally improvising on stage, a chaotic but still tight blend of jazz, kraut and electronics, where nothing is previously planned, and analog synths and spaced out sounds melt with instruments in a natural and free approach. the eupen takes lp contains the second half of the june 2011 show at the Meakusma stage, Eupen Muzik Marathon.


Music by Rabih Beaini, Tommaso Cappellato, Alvise Seggi, Piero Bittolo Bon. Artwork by Bill Kouligas.