MoE and Teresa Rieman
Wednesday, 24.04.24, door 20:00
  • 20:30 MoE and Teresa Rieman

10 Euro At The Door

Morphine Raum,
Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin
Hinterhof 1. Etage

Guro S. Moe: Bass, Vocals
Håvard Skaset: Guitar, Synth, vocals
Teresa Riemann: Solo drum madness, intriguing vocals & effects

Photo by Greg Pope

Photo by Antoinette Dyksmann

MoE is a Norwegian rock band trapped inside two experimental musicians.
A janus-faced duo that is constantly drawn in both a melodic and abstract direction and is hard to categorize.
For more than 15 years MoE have challenged the borders of music in a wide variety of formats.
With saxophonist Mette Rasmussen they walked along the edge of free jazz, with the Japanese legends Keiji Haino and Ikuro Takahashi they have looked inside territories they hardly thought existed, with Lasse Marhaug they have sculpted monumental arctic noise, with Painjerk they have built bridges between electronic noise and rock music, and over the years the power trio situation has been deeply explored with a multitude of drummers from all over the world.
But the duo format has been the core ever since the dawn of the band in 2008, and when they first tuned their compass to the sound of the likes of Suicide and DNA.

Teresa Riemann presents her mesmerizing combination of convulsive percussion and trembling noise walls, the almost exploding landscapes are being held together by the eclectic use of a fragmented voice, spontaneously reciting scraps of the living memory of humankind.
Aside from her solo projects on drums and piano she plays in the groups Naked in the Zoo, TRAS and Shake the Train.

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