‘‘1 & two“ – loading, lift and move
Friday, 23.02.24, door 21:00
  • 20:30 Malwina Kołodziejczyk - loading, lift and move - Delmore FX

10 Euro At The Door

Morphine Raum,
Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin
Hinterhof 1. Etage

Loading, lift and move are Michael Thieke on clarinet and Maximilian Glass on electronics. Started in Spring 2022, they are carrying out research on real-time compositions based on extended techniques and microtonal movements. The wind instrument and the feedback produced by electronics and resonating objects mutually dissolve while clarifying each other. Both Thieke and Glass manoeuvre a funambulist score, empirical as well as improvised, seeking a symmetry where a dynamic equilibrium leads to a static one. ‘‘1 & two“ unfolds an on-going investigation in form of a cassette-release on Elia Buletti’s Das Andere Selbst. Refined during studio sessions, concerts and recordings with Rabih Beaini at Morphine Raum in Berlin.
Togehter with Malwina Kołodziejczyk on saxophone and Delmore FX on electronics, we dive into another chapter of lively electro-acoustic ventures.

Michael Thieke Equally at home across a broad range of musical environments, Michael is an explorer of timbre, rhythm, melody and noise. Echoing the investigations of the last generation of improvisers, his research has led to a greater focus on the minutia of sound and the power of simplicity.https://thieke.klingt.org/

Maximilian Glass Berlin-based sound artist, improvising musician and experimental composer. His artistic work is based on the physicality of spaces, combined with a focus on resonating frequencies and the complementary relationship between acoustic and electronic sounds. He uses playback devices as musical instruments, creates feedback systems, manipulates motors and moves objects. https://maximilianglass.com/

Malwina KołodziejczykSaxophonist, radical improviser, composer and performer associated with the improvised and experimental music scenes. Her work reflects a fascination with neuroscience, the human psyche, emotions and habits, and their impact on whether we are able to truly improvise. www.instagram.com/malwinakolodziejczyk/

Delmore FX The moniker of Elia Buletti is a purveyor and craftsman of avant-world and post-world sounds. His sophisticated but straightforward electroacoustic language made of experimental novelty and folkloric ancientness has the oblique capacity of making one listen, dance and think astray at once. Elia is also active with the limited editions label Das Andere Selbst, that he founded in 2008.https://delmorefx.tumblr.com/

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