Lärmhaus Studio Session
Thursday, 13.06.24, door 20:00
  • 20:30 Logs / Live
  • 21:15 Elektricheskaya Sobaka / Live
  • 22:00 eemitu / Live

10 Euro At The Door

Morphine Raum,
Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin
Hinterhof 1. Etage

Lärmhaus is an interdisciplinary music community focused on exploration and experimental musicians’ active support. We aim to offer a space for creative experimentation, enabling artists to express themselves freely and without boundaries. We strive to cultivate a stimulating environment where all members can discover inspiration and engage in dialogue with fellow enthusiasts. Through our musical community, we aspire to introduce innovative sound practices and perspectives to experimental music while fostering the growth and evolution of Berlin’s musical culture.

Logs is an experimental electronic audio-visual duo of Dasha Zvezdin and Andrey Guryanov. 

They combine and reimagine their experience in sound art, visual art, modern classical music (Dasha is MMus), cinematic composing, and sound design (Andrey has a master’s in cinematic sound). All the mediums are blended in order to create a window into another sonic dimension. Logs primarily use free- improvisation, that becomes a shared tool and method of approaching the sound. Logs create sonic situations, where sound events have autonomy from each other, coexisting as a system, representing an idea of contemporary diverse informational reality. Informational density of their music encourages a listener to choose personal points of focus and actively build a perceptional area out of multiple existing layers, developing principles of contemporary info-sphere consumption.

Elektricheskaya Sobaka is a mystical musical collective composed of Nicolai Schizoph, Rustem Imamiev (also known as XAN), and Kirill Stepanov (from Rites of
Passage, Lärmhaus).
Based in Berlin, their sound merges experimental, free improvisation, and noise genres. They are known for their hypnotic performances and unique radio show, Morpheus Radio. The group has released several albums, including “Yabadabadubuda” and “The December Sessions” series, which were recorded in their studio.

eemitu sample based lounge noise artist, collecting friends’ demos, cultural artifacts, and field recordings on a nomadic journey. Inspired by doom, black metal, dub, it weaves melodies with a preference for pulsating repetitions, chord fragments, and deconstructed masses of noise loops and textures.

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